VIP Services

We have provided, and continue to provide, transportation services for celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, foreign dignitaries and business VIPs who live in or visit the Greater Milwaukee area. Aside from our exceptional customer service, outstanding fleet selection, and luminary reputation, there are various, well-known reasons why clients prefer Blackline Limousines VIP services:

Athletes, celebrities and public figures regularly use Blackline Limousines to help them get to special events in style or incognito. Confidentiality and discretion are completely assured. Clients trust Blackline Limousines and our absolute confidentiality agreement.

High Profile Clients

High Profile clients require preferential transportation services. Blackline Limousines specializes in catering and honoring the demands and time frames that come with creative, active lifestyles and schedules – both public and private. Our chauffeured services promise to deliver a positive, stress-free ride. We understand that life is different and has it's challenges as a public figure, we can accommodate those needs.

We can also work with your public relations and security teams to minimize frustrations and accommodate most transportation nuances.

Protecting Client Privacy and Confidentiality

Protecting clients' privacy and confidentiality is a fundamental requirement at Blackline Limousines. To build and retain your trust, our professional office staff and chauffeurs adhere to policies that will protect personally-identifiable and sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure.

  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Accountability
  • Security Safeguards

Respect and Courtesy

Blackline Limousines remains diligent in their task to protect each client’s confidentiality. Personal information about a client is an extension of that person. Protecting your personal information is one way we show our respect in a business relationship.

We place a high premium on maintaining the privacy of our clients. It is our company’s policy not to publicize clients by name and to guard their privacy zealously. All information regarding our clientele, plus details about their transportation locations and schedules, are kept strictly confidential from the media and public.

At no time will we disclose such information about our communications or services with high-profile individuals for any reason, including financial or prestige gains, to further ourselves. To do so, we would consider it a breach of ethics, lack of integrity, and immoral.


Accountability and discretion mean the ability to know when to share and when not to share. As a company that serves high-profile clients, we must exercise discretion at all times. This includes the potential of overhearing conversations that can risk exposure about a client.

When confidential information about clients is shared among our staff to enhance the quality of service or to improve service delivery, we take all precautions to ensure that the information is adequately protected from unauthorized further disclosure.

As travel professionals, Blackline Limousines is committed to accommodating and protecting all of your transportation and related needs.


We protect our clients and their information at all times, from being given out, sold, stolen, or abused in any way. We believe that other people’s information is not ours to share.

In an age when privacy is so valuable, we also use additional safeguards to protect your private information.

  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Accountability
  • Security Safeguards

We honor and respect your confidentiality.